Monday, August 2, 2010

What's the point in the UK Borders Agency?

According to their website: 
The UK Border Agency is responsible for securing the UK border and controlling migration in the UK. We manage border control for the UK, enforcing immigration and customs regulations. We also consider applications for permission to enter or stay in the UK, and for citizenship and asylum.

How exactly do they accomplish controlling migration and managing border control without knowing who has come in to the country or who has gone out?

Are these the non-jobs that are to be cut?

Nope.  They are people who need to be allowed to do their jobs. 

Without knowing these basic details not only do the government have difficulty knowing what services need to be provided but also it makes it harder to accurately counter Mailesque claims of a swamped country.  

Of course, the Lib Dem policy for regional work permits could be a major help in making sure people moving to the country end up in areas that can support them.  

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  1. The UK border agency exists to appease the Daily Fail Massive, and to make sure that rich Chinese businessmen take there investment ideas elsewhere. Pah!


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