Monday, July 5, 2010

ConDem Gerrymandering? Maybe, maybe not.

The coalition is planning to revise boundaries so that constituencies have similar sized electorates.  

Trying to claim this is evil gerrymandering, Jack Straw stated that only three of the ten smallest constituencies were Labour seats and six of the largest 10 were Labour held.

That seems to cast some doubt on the coalition claim that Labour do so well because they engaged in gerrymandering of their own to give themselves small constituencies.  Or at least it does until you remember how many MPs there are.

In fact you don't even need to go that far.  

Of the 10 smallest constituencies it is true that Labour only hold three.  However, that is more than any other party has in that group.  
Conservative - 2
Labour - 3
Liberal Democrat - 2
Plaid Cymru - 2
SNP - 1
However, look into it a little further and you will see that in the 100 smallest seats
Alliance - 1
Conservative - 14
DUP - 4
Independent - 1
Labour - 56
Labour Co-op - 7
Liberal Democrat - 9
Plaid Cymru - 3
SDLP - 1
Sinn Féin - 2
SNP - 2
Does anything jump out at you?  Yep, Labour/Labour Co-op have 63 to the coalition's total of 23.

In the largest 100 seats Labour/Labour Co-op have 23, Lib Dems 13 and Conservatives 64.

No wonder Labour aren't keen on change.

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