Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That nansy pansy Lib Dem immigration policy in full

1) A rolling amnesty for illegal immigrants after 14 years.

2) Scrapping exit checks so we don't know whether people have left when they were supposed to.

3) Allowing non-EU immigrants to settle anywhere whether the area can support them or not.

4) Not giving people a say in EU membership to deal with the ones who are about the right colour but talk funny.

Oh, hold on. That is what has happened so far. So what are those Lib Dem traitors going to do?

1) A one off exercise where people who have stayed out of trouble, speak English/Welsh and can prove that they have been here for 10 years can stop being exploited by criminals and start being exploited by the government instead. They also have to do some community service to make amends.

2) Reinstate exit checks so we know who is here and who isn't.

3) Create a dedicated Border Police force

4) Make work permits region specific so that non-EU workers can only go where they are needed.

5) An in/out referendum on the EU.

Of course (as I mentioned in an earlier post) I'm a good little Lib Dem and rather like being part of the EU. In common with the party think there is a heck of reform needed, but I am certain that we shouldn't give up on the idea.

Obviously this is simply my understanding of the policies, you should check the manifesto for yourself. Or just read the Mail/Express if you've already made up your mind and only want to hear that Lib Dem policies are an immigrant's charter or some such rubbish.

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